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How to be a good Battlefield 3 player (MUST READ, if you play BF3)

Discussion in 'PC games' started by Pilca, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Pilca

    Pilca New Member

    Jul 15, 2012
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    Hello soldiers, you have come here to read these words I'm gonna type that are gonna help you on the battlefield.

    1. Spotting: Spot so your team mates can know where are enemies hiding. So your team mates can flush them out and light the motherfuckers up

    2. Supplying: If you are playing as assault or Support, when you see your team mates in a gun fights they most likely need these two things: 1. Ammo 2. Health. If your playing either of these classes, You give them the ammo or health they need. They need for ammo to kill more bad guys. They need more health to take more hits from enemies. It's not rocket science, if you hear them asking for ammo you give it to them

    3. Vehicles: Do not ever walk to a capture point alone you'll most likely die on the voyage there. Go in a jeep or Humvee with one of your buddies so you or your team mates can get on the turret and start chewing them up.

    4.Aiming: Sniping is pretty realistic in this game. Aim high and know the bullet where it would land. Be smart.

    5. Know your role: "I'm a sniper I'm a sniper I'm a sniper" no, your not a fucking sniper the only thing that is close to a sniper is the Recon class. Like i said before, playing as a recon means you need to have a good experience with high power rifles.

    6. Customization: Use a scope you feel comfortable with, for LMG i prefer extended mag and bi-pod and the scope your prefer. If you guys have a hard time getting a better sniper rifle for recon. Go to Operation Metro and start sniping, i found that map to be the best for ranking and leveling up your kit.

    7. Repairing: If a tank is farting out smoke, that's your signal to drop your cocks and grab your socks cause your gonna be repairing. Always Always repair but be smart on what time to repair. What i mean is that don't go onto a open field and start repairing where there's 1 Support enemy and 3 recons waiting for you to go on to the open field

    8.reviving: Revive people who looks like their lightning bolts in your hug with your defib. but like i said be smart on what time to revive. Don't revive players that are close to a enemy squad or team. you'll just get them killed again

    9. Bombing: plant C4 and calmly run in the opposite;try not to encounter a enemy player who is holding a dick

    10. Don't be a pussy: this says it all. It's okay to die taking down a high-value target. It's good to sacrifice yourself to take down a enemy high-value target. Congratulation you took down a high-value target AND you get to eat a bowl of lucky charms

    11. Kits: You see a dead team mate on the floor bleeding his brains out. And yet you see his kit, he's a assault. Here's the thing, Picking up kits can save your team mates sorry ass and sometimes let you gain points. Pick up kits where you can save your team mates.

    12. Think before you spawn: After you die, you can choose where you want to respawn. You can respawn right on top of a squad mate and immediately go in guns blazing. But think is there a brand new vehicle that can be use to your team gleaming in the desert sun? You most likely want that vehicle

    13. Use everything at your disposal: A lot of player have different style of playing but use everything you will complain if people do it do you and that would make you a noob

    Well, this is it for a run through for Battlefield 3 I hope you guys like it leave a positive comment and i might have the motiviation to make a run through for each specific kit

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