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Kino Der Toten Guide

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' started by Colour, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Kino Der Toten Guide
    By Colour from www.myfreshgames.info

    Kino der toten is the first zombie map in Black Ops and by far the most fun. The most important thing to remember is always go upstairs. However we aren't there yet we are still on level one.

    Level 1

    If you want to do the power-up easteregg do it now and for those who don't know what it is someone goes prone in a corner and another person jumps on top of them. You must have atleast 3 people to do this because the two who do it will down. Once you do that three times the zombies will be there breaking down the boards on the windows. Don't shoot them because you will need to save ammo. Just let them in and knife them as such. This should continue till round 3. Now on round 3 shoot a clip into their chests before knifing and use grenades whenever you feel necessary as you get 2 at the start of every round. On round five buy all the way to the mp40 and buy it off the wall. Usually you will find the mystery box in the first room you opened or in the theatre I realize this and want you all to know it is pointless to buy it on such a early round. However you will most likely have those high voiced kids who will down because they are still trying to buy it. There is a reason they are too young to play it and that is because they aren't smart enough to play. So now you whomever has the most points (you want everyone to be around 3000 points after buying the other doors) go into the theatre and turn on the power (round 5 or 6) This will allow everyone to buy the bowie knife or atleast a good majoriety only knife until round 10.

    Round 11-15

    Buy Juggarnaut and run route (will be in picture below) knifing and occasionally shooting zombies but make sure that on round 11 you always knife stinkies as they are still one knife and they won't explode. Round 12/13 If you get dogs on round 12 do this on round 13 but find the box openning up any doors if needed and swap out your pistol for something. (you want to have mp40 and one mystery box gun either the thundergun or ray gun if you become trapped) until round 15 run the blue route or a variation of it and link the teleporters.

    Round 15 to 20

    If you run out of ammo in your mp40 then it would be a good idea to upgrade it but since its such an overpowered gun you won't want to upgrade it until completely necessary and yes if its becomes a dog round use your thundergun/raygun or whatever highpowered gun from the box because you will get a max ammo. During this time and the rest of our time we will run the red route. Starting in the theatre and going into the lobby.

    Round 20-25

    Now it is time to upgrade all your guns you should have around 30000 points now so along with that you should also buy speed cola and if needed quick revive. Just keep doing the same as before

    Round 26-40

    Keep running route and whenever you run low on ammo with your upgraded mp40 buy more off the wall. Also at the end of every round link the teleporters and at the beginning of every round wait inside the teleporter and when the zombies come scream "hold" once you or one of your teamates is hit teleport but don't shoot. The zombies will stand there watching you so throw grenades down at them and buy more because you get more points then you spend. Once you teleport out wait in the lobby for them to run from the theatre and mow them down. Once you start to get over run or they come from other directions continue to run route and turn to shoot when safe. You can also use traps every now and then because they help emmensly.


    More of the same but you will need to rely more on traps then your gun because of their health and ammo that you are lacking. As well if you are confident use the teleporter twice a round. If you want you can buy double tap however it wastes ammo and you really have no use for it when using the mp40.

    Remember to only use the box between 10-20 to avoid death as well things you want;

    Monkies (for a safe revival)

    Thundergun (big guns are always the best choice)

    Ray gun (though extremely weak on high levels when you want to conserve ammo its will still hurt them)


    HK21 (I think thats the machine gun one)

    Things you don't want

    crossbow (you want back up fire power)

    ballistic knife (if you want to revive someone you need a clear way)

    *#1 rule is that if someone goes down do a lap and use traps as its the only way to maintain your safety no matter what weapon they have surviving to the next round is the main priority

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