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TITAN[ELITE] Official Clan Thread, now recruiting

Discussion in 'Mario Kart' started by THE TITAN, Sep 25, 2008.


    THE TITAN New Member

    Sep 25, 2008
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    I am proud to introduce Wiiuser's Newest MKW Clan:


    [TE] TITAN: Leader [Elite]
    [TE] Kak : Co-Leader [Elite]

    We are A Mario Kart Wii - Specific Clan... My goal is to have what is not nessesarilly the biggest, but the strongest clan out there. It will comprise of various group events to keep us Active.

    Such events will be:

    - Clan Practices on scheduled days weekly (TBD)
    - In-Clan tournaments within the clan to hone and better skills of competition
    - Discussions to form strategic, and skill-making advantages over the current crop of Clans out there.
    - And , of cours, Clan Wars (CW's) will be the main focus. Our goal is to be the Strongest Clan comprised out of Elite Racers who will bring greatness to the clan, and let our name be known.

    Rules & specifications for Entry:

    -You will stay loyal to this clan, you will be apart of no other clans that consist of MKwii. You, however, can be apart of another clan that is for another game (i.e. SSBB, MSC, etc) but you must be able to stay active in this clan as well, or you will be cut.

    -You will be active in this clan. You will be active in our Clan Chat TITANELITE.chatango.com as well as practices, and CW's... You will put in your time with this clan as all others if we are to succeed to greatness.

    - You will grow and develope as a racer, and aid others in personal Developement.

    - NO fighting amongst each other, no such room is left for fighting if we are to become a team... save it for the CW's against the other clans.

    - Most importantly, you will hold a code of Ethic. You will compose yourself in such a manner that you will never bring shame to the clan... do not embarrass us or run your mouth when you know you don't have any business doing so.


    A VR (versus Rank) Score of 8000 - 9000 and over is highly recommended, but not required. If anything, it should give an indication to you of what I'm looking for as far as skill. But sometimes VR has nothing to do with it... so if you think your fast, come and give it a shot. If you aren't particularly fast, but I see you have potential, you can't possibly join in as a trainee until you grow and develope into a racer Good enough to take on CW.

    To become one of the [ELITE] You will go through a screening of Two Races.

    First, you will race me in a 1vs1 GP. I will observe how fast you are. If you past the first test with me you will go on to the second screening.

    Second, You will race everyone in the clan as a group. It is known that the fastest Mkw racers out there can easily be beaten by the most devious and caniving racers out there.. So you will be tested in the group to see how you do in a room of nothing but elite racers. If you can hold your own amongst the bunch... you will most likely be in. Again, If you aren't particularly fast, but I see you have potential, you can't possibly join in as a trainee until you grow and develope into a racer Good enough to take on CW

    Once your in, you will wear the clan badge, [TE] in front of your Mii Name to represent the clan...were it with pride..We are recruiting Now, so Please PM me or post to the Thread if you would like to try OUt..

    IF you have any questions, or are a challenging clan looking for a CW, please PM me, and we can schedule a meeting.

    Thank you for your time.

    MKwii FC: 5112-4624-3255
    Mkwii FC:1118-1344-2470
    If your one of the ELITE, Try me....

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